4×4 Private Road Tour

Take advantage of windy days and explore Zakynthos mainland on a classic Safari 4×4.

What when boat trips are not possible? Discovering the beauty of Zakynthos by the sea is strongly dependant on weather.

But have you explored Zakynthos mountainous mainland?
Did you know of the magical scenic views of the west of the island?
Have you ever accessed the isolated secret little beaches hiding within the wild side of Zakynthos?
Join our 4×4 private mountain tours and:
> Try local traditional home made goods, wine, oil, honey and jams
-> Meet with the locals, engage with the true Zakynthian life style
-> Rest by the shade of the oldest recorded tree (olive tree) on Zakynthos, dating back more than 2000 years!
-> Visit the oldest Venetian fortress built on the island, the Venetian Tower in the West
-> Take a break for a local traditional lunch
-> Swim at places you ‘ve never imagined you could access by land
-> Enjoy some of Zakynthos most infamous views, and sunsets, across the West side

Whether you are looking for breath taking scenic cliff views or traditional mountainous lifestyle, products and delicacies, discover with us the time travel escape Zakinthos can offer.
Powerful 4×4 Nissan Terrano II can host very small, private groups of up to 6 people so don’t miss out, reserve your place as soon as possible!

What's included

Local food and wine tasting


Guided tour

Hotel pick-up and drop-off


Use of equipment


4×4 Private Road Tour

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4×4 Private Road Tour

Value for money

4×4 Private Road Tour